Vientiane Opthamology Centre

31 Mar , 2019  

It’s almost been 12 month since I rushed down to Vientiane to the Opthamology centre after losing sight on one of my eyes. Looking back, I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole ordeal which took about 4 months with professionals to try and get to the bottom of the situation. At the time I thought […]

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Laos – Thailand: Free ticket

26 Jan , 2019  

You don’tget much for free these days, especially as a foreigner in Laos. Recently when I crossed the Lao-Thai border across the Friendship bridge by bus, from Vientiane to Nong Khai I was surprised. It’s a simple crossing but I imagine it’s confusing for “1st time crossers” as there is little signage to what to […]

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Beautiful Laos – Paradise seen from Heaven

5 Jul , 2018   Video

Filmed by: Christoph von Toggenburg Laos is covered in wild jungles, mirroring lakes, colourful rice paddies, beautiful temples, ancient ruins, amazing waterfalls and slow rivers. This short film takes you on a journey across Laos, captured from the air, showing this unique country from an entirely unseen perspective. Celebrating our engagement, my finacée Valentine and […]

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Making hand washing stations in Luang Prabang, Laos

2 Jun , 2018  

As part of the community projects LEOT School does, we are often improving sanitation and washing facilities. Handwashing stations at schools are often lacking. Niew is our project man as well as helping administer the school in Luang Prabang. He recently returned from the capital Vientiane, where washing stations are manufactured. He went to learn […]

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Long Chieng – off-limits for 50 years

13 Jan , 2018  

Abandoned in 1975 in one of the last acts of the war, Long Chieng was once the busiest airport in the world and has been off-limits for 50 years. Home to Lao Air Force T-28 bombers and Pilatus Porters, Helio Couriers and an assortment of helicopters, mostly flown by Air America and Continental Air Services. […]

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Unlocking Laos for the traveller

11 Apr , 2016  

This article recently published By Harry Bedford shows what a wonderful place Laos is for tourists. It is the only country in South East Asia with no beaches but they make up for it with beautiful people, mountains and waterfalls. Did I mention the food? This short articles will give you a good taste of […]

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My experience in Luang Prabang 2015

13 Sep , 2015   Video

So two weeks have past since arriving on my 5th trip to Luang Prabang, I have been busy everyday helping at school, setting up computers for the new computer teaching programme and other IT administration tasks. Laos is deeply rooted in Buddhist traditions and it does feel like time has stopped here especially in the […]

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Arriving Lao PDR

29 Aug , 2015  

After much prep and planning the last month, I woke at 3.40am in Wellington, showered, dressed and walked my 30KG bag to the street to meet the taxi. It is a nice feeling not having to worry about too many things in the morning especially when it’s early. I had lived off lists this past […]

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First day’s food in Vientiane

18 Jan , 2015  

I do like the food in Laos. It tends to be super spicy but not always. I caught up with some friends in their village in Vientiane, not far from Patuxai (the Gate of Triumph). We walked 3 minutes across the road to the street vendor to buy some lunch. I love these eggs which have been emptied and […]

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Laos through my eyes – Peter

12 Jul , 2013  

A piece by Peter – LEOT trustee It was almost by chance that I first visited Laos in 2008. My plan to visit Myanmar with my wife Catriona had been cancelled at the last moment due to changed advice from the Foreign Office. With time off booked and nowhere to go I took out a […]

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